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Our Passion

Our passion is building great businesses with strong foundations through teamwork, accountability and complete transparency.

Leading In Digital

The world is going digital and we’re at the forefront by building new platforms, marketing to millions and vigorously measuring metrics.

Speed & Growth

We move fast. We open new revenue sources and expand existing ones. Time is valuable and we don’t like to waste it.

Welcome to KellenProjects!

Kellen Giuda, President & CEO

Kellen Giuda, President & CEO

At KellenProjects we are passionate about business and project management. Our passion will help grow your business, realize your vision and achieve success, as a team. We are excited to work with clients who share an enthusiasm, drive, professionalism and dedication for making each day count.

By applying 15 years of successful project management experience, ranging from constructing buildings in lower Manhattan to marketing to over 50,000,000 people each week to national advocacy campaigns, we help business and political leaders achieve their vision.

KellenProjects values professionalism, integrity and competency. We firmly believe in the principles of servant leadership, ethical and transparent business practices, and growth.

~ Kellen Giuda, President & CEO

  • Foundations First

    We are methodical in our approach and always determine if the fundamentals of a business are sound before laying out rapid growth.

  • Scalability

    Scaling a business up is 1/3 management practices, 1/3 psychological and 1/3 marketing.

  • Transparency & Trust

    Transparency and education about processes, strategy and dealmaking are paramount to building the trust needed in successful teams.

  • Test, Measure, Repeat

    We use over 100 technology tools, platforms and techniques to achieve scalability and faster results.

  • Are you?

    Some leaders aren’t managers. This dramatically limits potential and scalability. Are you a good manager?

Forbes Contributor

Founder and President Kellen Giuda currently a Forbes Contributor writing opinion about politics, entrepreneurship and technology. Some of his articles include:

All Digital, All The Time

Everything we do incorporates digital considerations across all devices ranging from computers, tablets and smartphones to smart watches and Google Glass. The world is moving in different ways all the time and we unify everything we do across all platforms, 24 hours a day.

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