KP 2.0: A media company for a new world.


KellenProjects is a media company focused on informing and educating the public about current events, national security and geopolitics through its flagship media brand, American Military News. AMN has millions of readers each month and the most highly-rated military news mobile apps on both Apple and Google app stores with over 100,000 downloads and growing each day. New brands are forthcoming.


KellenProjects was founded by Kellen Giuda in 2011 as a management consulting firm specializing in operations management, efficiency and integrity. The firm quickly gained clients from Fortune 500 companies, high-growth startups and national level political clients such as a presidential campaign and more.

Over time, Kellen wanted more flexibility and freedom to directly pursue his passion for the news-cycle, technology and media. In 2018 KP dedicated itself to solely building a media company.

KP: Philosophy

KellenProjects believes in the art of business and building great things to provide value, community, teamwork and betterment to all those involved.

Solid foundations, grounded business practices and servant-leadership light our path. Our journey’s purpose is to create something passionate and interesting that has impact. We create teams, community and camaraderie to provide security and safety for each other.

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