Current Opportunities

  • 1. Chief Technology & Growth Officer (CTGO)

    Looking for a Growth Hacker. We’re flexible.

We are always looking for new talent with positive, aggressive and can-do attitudes. We believe success is a matter of determination and vision. To us, personality, character and attitude trump any advanced skills you may or may not have. We can teach you skills but we can’t teach attitude, work ethic and outlook. Browse below and inquire at to learn more about any position.

1. Chief Technology & Growth Officer (CTGO)

We have many large and growing digital projects with tremendous breakout potential. We are at the point where we need someone focused exclusively on the growth of our digital projects. We are looking for a Growth Hacker. See below for more details. 

Growth Hacking Image

KellenProjects, a business management firm with a large focus on digital, is looking for a Chief Technology and Growth Officer to focus on military and politically conservative projects.

The CTGO will be responsible for managing and growing digital assets and audiences across all of KellenProjects’ owned digital channels as well as client channels. The CTGO is expected to bring a lot of energy, creativity, momentum and technical knowledge to the KellenProjects team.

He or she will be the single point person for all digital and technology matters on a day-to-day basis, in addition to analyzing digital metrics, creating and executing digital marketing ideas and campaigns, introducing new tools, apps and technologies, building splash pages and websites and managing vendors.

The CTGO is expected to be a fully-functioning, self-starting, project manager, technical expert and “ideas” person while being aggressively focused on digital growth. We are open and flexible to the CTGO growing on the job or someone with a mature skill-set. Veterans are preferred for this position.


  • Manage all current web properties and projects
  • Grow digital assets and data record collection
  • Grow website traffic
  • Build single splash pages and full websites as needed per project
  • Analytics: Have vision to analyze, draw conclusions and execute new ideas
  • Implement and test new monetization tactics
  • Grow e-commerce sales
  • Bring new ideas to the table and continually be innovating
  • Preferred but not required: Graphic design

Measure Of Success

  • Growth in websites’ quality traffic and ROI (organic and/or paid)
  • Digital asset growth
  • Aggressiveness and ability to self-start


  • WordPress Developer
  • Facebook App developer
  • API Developer
  • PHP familiarity, or willing to learn
  • Growth Hacking familiarity
  • Very analytical
  • Location: DC, NYC or remote
  • Passionate about technology
  • Professional self-starter
  • Aggressive
  • Veterans preferred


  • Consummate with experience