A Little About Us

KellenProjects LLC is a strategic operations management firm operating in corporate and large scale political environments.

Since 2011 KellenProjects has applied its rigorous operations integrity and scalability to build and fill gaps in corporations and large scale political projects to meet aggressive timelines and goals.

Some examples of KellenProjects’ experience include helping manage a Presidential campaign, rapidly growing technology companies, legacy companies looking to modernize operations, coporate advocacy for Fortune 500 brands and national and international geopolitical strategies and execution.

KellenProjects has been built by aggressively pursuing operations integrity focusing on the analysis and execution of key performance indicators (KPIs), managing internal and client staff and outside vendors, and integrating expansive strategic internal and external considerations into all operations.

Strategic considerations such as short and long-term cash flow and finance controls, human resources, local state and national level political and regulatory environments (ex. NLRB, EPA, city, state, national code) wide legal management situations, emerging public policy and more.

We believe that the principles of operations and strategic management are universal and we have demonstrated this across a wide range of projects.